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“The energy a great photographer can capture in a single shot can be such a powerful message, as well as the reflection of what that particular performer is like live. I love that I’m able to get up close and do just that, to capture what music feels and looks like when artists perform.”


How long have you been shooting for?

Since Soundwave 2009 – prior to that I’d done some photography at club nights.

What got you into shooting?

When I moved to Australia, I literally stepped off the plane and went straight to the Soundwave festival, where I met Andrew McMahon. I had my little 50D with a 50mm lens with me. He asked me if I was a photographer, I said yes and he gave me a photographer pass to shoot the festival from the photo pit. It was a pretty cool first show to shoot, featuring bands like Minus the Bear, The Bloodhound Gang and Nine Inch Nails.

How did you get accreditation to shoot The Kills at The Enmore Theatre?

It was kind of difficult to get a pass to this Splendour in the Grass sideshow. I shot the gig for Reverb in Newcastle – but the deal was I had to review the show as well as photograph. As a result, there weren’t too many photographers at the show. Even so, they split the photographers into two groups, with half shooting the first three songs and half shooting the next three, and I was in the second group.

Talk us through the moment you managed to capture.

It was at the end of the fifth song. Jamie was still playing his guitar outro and Alison knelt down for just a moment before the next song. It was a lucky capture. She is constantly moving – completely ballistic on stage and up until that point, the lighting wasn’t that great – but it was a beautiful, brief moment of stillness.

Who are your favourite bands to shoot?

Biffy Clyro, A Place To Bury Strangers and Pulled Apart By Horses.

What’s your favourite venue to shoot?

The Enmore Theatre.

Who’s left on your bucket list to shoot?

That’s a tough one. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot almost all the bands I like. I’d have to say Oasis, so I’m hoping for a reunion show! It would be cool to shoot a couple big bands like Pearl Jam, Metallica or Bruce Springsteen.

What band would you love to go on tour with?

I’m thinking about who would be cool to shoot, but also good to hang out with. I think probably Biffy Clyro – they are cool guys and they are really fun to shoot.   They love a backstage photo and soundcheck photos, so that would be great.

What are your thoughts on the MPAs?

I think it’s really great. I’m really opinionated, so I guess the one thing I’ve noticed is there are quite a few submissions that don’t seem to fall under the rock ‘n’ roll criteria, though I saw that you’ve addressed this in a recent post. The MPAs are a great idea because it makes people try harder. Most photographers are out there shooting for free, so this initiative gives them something to encourage their improvement as well as a platform for exhibition.

I also love it when lots of photographers are liking eachother’s work and providing encouragement. Very cool.


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