Tash Sultana // Kay Cann


Tash aways exceeds my expectations and is a joy to photograph, she is so immersed into her craft and the love shines through. I was actually memorised and in awe when Tash jumped down to her knees in front of me that I almost forgot to raise my camera. I am glad I did.

Publication: Freelance

Gear: Canon 5Dmk3 + 135mm f2 Prime Lens. Image shot at 1600iso, f3.2, 1/250sec

Post Process: Edited in LR. Firstly I cooled the colour temperature and then did simple B&W conversion followed by a few little adjustments with the shadows etc and finishing by increasing the clarity a touch.

About the photographer, Kay Cann

I have wanted to photograph live music from (*ahem* about 17+ years ago) in my high school days playing in the darkroom, I mean who wouldn’t want to join their two favourite passions, Photography AND Live Music? Fast forward life, I finally purchased a digital camera a few short years ago to delve into the

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