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“I’m a long-time fan of Crystal Castles, but I had no idea what to expect from their new live show with Edith Frances except for what I’d seen from live videos and the stream from Coachella. In a pretty rare move, their team set us photographers up on the side of the stage instead of in the pit because Edith is pretty unpredictable and we couldn’t be in the way if she wanted to jump down into the crowd and do her thing.

The show was almost 100% strobe and minimal consistent light, so I switched my camera to high speed continuous and fired away at the angles I wanted, knowing that only 1 out of every 15-20 shots would actually end up usable. Strobe is always difficult to shoot but you can get some crazy emotive stuff out of it if you catch the right moment – especially with someone as animated as Edith!”

Publication: Best Before

Gear: Canon 5DS, with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens.

Post Process: I use Lightroom to sort and edit – I have a few live presets that I rotate around according to the show. My grayscale settings in particular are something I’m always working on and tweaking, so for this image I pushed my regular live edit preset a bit harder because it’s Crystal Castles – pretty gritty stuff across the board.

About the photographer, Jordan Munns

I’m a photographer, graphic designer and music journalist who picked up a camera at 14 years old and decided that I didn’t want to be just a writer anymore – I wanted to take photos too. A love for Photoshop came out of editing the crappy photos I started taking, and that eventually involved into

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