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“Seth decided to tour smaller venues and just do more shows (rather than one big show like the Forum) and had stated to me they were some of his most enjoyable shows to date. He invited me along to shoot at the 3rd Melbourne show, which was at the Toff. The venue itself is quite challenging, and he didn’t bring any external lights which made it tricky (comparatively to his other shows) I found the challenge really exciting, it was difficult to get super amazing photos but this one I am really proud of. DJ Sizzle gave me a little nod before he did a quadrupal water throw. I stepped out behind the DJ desk to get this. These shots are actually pretty tricky to nail, its always hit and miss, but this one came up really great!”

Publication: Shooting for the artist

Gear: 35mm on a Nikon D3! I also had a 85 on a D800 that night as well.

Post Process: I have a preset that I established while on tour with Seth 2 years ago that i always use for his shots, however this particular shot I pushed the contrast a little more than I usually would to really make the water stand out! 🙂

About the photographer, Michelle Grace Hunder

Beginning her career in professional photography just five years ago, Michelle Grace Hunder already has a self published portrait photography book in the National Archives of Australia and is now considered one of the most revered Australian urban culture photographers, carving out a little niche for herself documenting hip hop in this country.  

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