Architects // Sian Sandilands


“Architects was a real fun one to shoot. I’m a massive fan of heavy music and have always wanted to shoot Architects, I feel like my love for the artists was reflected in my photographs. “

Publication: Century Venues

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark ii paired with a Sigma 35 Art Lens

Post Process: I lined up this shot in the camera because I adored the light at the time. In post I really just made Sam sharper and stand out from the light as well as adding some blue tones to the light.

About the photographer, Sian Sandilands

I’m just your basic 18 year old photographer, vinyl collector and music enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. I picked up at camera at 14 and decided that taking photos was something I wanted to do. I was already heading to numerous gigs a year so I thought, what was stopping me from doing exactly that? Since

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