Against Me // Kevin Bull


The bassist jumped like this twice (that I saw). The first time I missed as I was focusing on the singer, so I decided to move to be under him, and he did the second jump with 15 seconds of getting there.

Publication: Reverb Online

Gear: Canon 6D, 24-70mm, 2.8L

Post Process: Push the Whites, Shadows, Temps, Clarity and Contrast.  Pull the highlights.  Finish with some sharpening, vignette and a slight crop.

About the photographer, Kevin Bull

As a teenager during the late ‘70s, I would take my father’s Pentax ME Super and play around with it. An expensive business when it is on film but it did lead me to shooting everyone who toured through Newcastle during the mid ’80s. Family life interrupted my gig shooting, and you have to fast

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