Rackett // Tom Wilkinson


“RACKETT are one of my favourite bands to shoot so I was stoked to be asked to come shoot their single launch, it was an awesome show from an awesome band. Bec (Lead vocals/Guitar) is one of the most charismatic and energetic performers going at the moment so every shoot/show is different and a great time.”

Publication: Shooting for the band.

Gear: Canon 5d Mark II, a 20mm 2.8 lens and a Canon Speedlite

Post Process: It was such a dramatic shot I decided to go Black & White to further exaggerate that vibe and brought the black down to try and make Bec’s eyes the focus.

About the photographer, Tom Wilkinson

I picked up an old 35mm film camera I was given in 2005 last year after seeing some work from a friend. I spent about 6 months shooting around the streets of Sydney with this camera and still do when i can. At the start of 2016 I decided to try out shooting some live

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