Matterhorn // Bronwen Caple


“The Gov is one of my favourite venues to shoot at, with it’s small circular stage and packed with atmosphere I do love The Gov.  Matterhorn were the opening act and I was blown away by their performance. Lead singer Amanda was fabulous for photo’s and man she can wail!”

Publication: Rogue Inc.

Gear: Nikon D810 and 24-70mm lens

Post Process: I knew when I took the photo, that I wanted to make it black and white or sepia. I reduced some of the highlights and boosted clarity before adding split toning to change to the sepia tone I wanted.

About the photographer, Bronwen Caple

Photographer from country SA, who loves to shoot anything live, and travels far and wide to do so. I have always been a keen photographer, mostly as a hobbyist shooting anything and everything until I found my niche. My love for live music and the atmosphere and emotions in a live show are the reason

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