Twenty One Pilots // Bronwen Caple


“Shooting Twenty One Pilots was a long awaited shoot as one of my favourites, I knew it would be tricky with their deliberately dark stage light set up and balaklavas. The shoot itself was extremely challenging making this shot even more rewarding to see this final shot of drummer Josh Dun. One of my favourite gigs ever. Just wish we could have shot more than three songs!”

Publication: Amnplify  //  Rogue Inc.

Gear: Nikon D810 and 24-70mm lens

Post Process: I didn’t edit much a slight crop to straighten a little and removed a slight bit of haze from stage smoke, minor temperature adjustment to get the right shade of blue and it was all done.

About the photographer, Bronwen Caple

Photographer from country SA, who loves to shoot anything live, and travels far and wide to do so. I have always been a keen photographer, mostly as a hobbyist shooting anything and everything until I found my niche. My love for live music and the atmosphere and emotions in a live show are the reason

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