Kurt Vile // Kerrie Geier


“This gig was in a pop up venue that was floating on the River Torrens, as part of the Adelaide Festival, so it was something a little different. I have shot Kurt Vile before, and new that it would be hard to get a clear shot of his face due to his hair, so I worked really hard to catch a glimpse where I could.”

Publication: HiFi Way: The Pop Chronicles

Gear: Canon 6D body with a Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 Lens.

Post Process:  With all of Kurt’s glorious hair in this shot, and that moody glare he is giving, I though black and white was the way to go. I upped the exposure slightly to make sure you can see Kurt’s expression, and increased the whites and clarity to give the shot some real definition.

About the photographer, Kerrie Geier

After having studied a Bachelor Degree in Photography straight out of school, and following years of taking my camera to gigs as a punter, I started shooting for websites in about 2008. I love the challenge of shooting live music because you never quite know what you are going to get, and you have about

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