Taking Back Sunday // Lachlan Douglas


“This was one of the toughest gigs I had shot in a while. It was smokey which absorbs contrast and softens edges, and most of the first three songs were mainly backlit. There was one light either side of the stage that had a little bit of power from time to time. Adam Lazzara walked across to one side and looked up (his hair covered his face most of the time), and this opportunity appeared. “

Publication: Blue Murder Touring

Gear: Canon 5D mkii 24-70mm, 1/200 sec f2.8 ISO 1600

Post Process:  The blacks were already pretty black straight out of camera. Edited in Lightroom. Gave it a bit of clarity, warmed it slightly, and some unnoticeable levels of sharpening and noise reduction.

About the photographer, Lachlan Douglas

I started shooting bands around 2004 when friends became far better instrumentalists that I could have ever been. I thought if I could learn to shoot motion in low light then I could do anything. I was wrong. I shot for now-defunct Tsunami Magazine until late 2007, when I took a three year hiatus in

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