The Living End // Peter Sharp


“I wasn’t very happy with any of the photos I got during the first three songs and we were allowed to take photos from the crowd so I stuck around for the most of the show waiting patiently in an effort to capture a decent shot. I had two images in my mind that I was looking to capture….this was one and the other was of Scott standing on top of his double bass.”

Publication: The Music

Gear: Canon 1DX Mk2 & 70-200mm f2.8 lens

Post Process:  Very little needed to be done to this image in post….. a crop and some minor adjustments to levels in Lightroom.

About the photographer, Peter Sharp

I love music, sport, wildlife and taking photos that capture the drama/action of a moment in time. I shoot for The Music, Hordern Pavilion and Empire Touring.

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