Harts // Leila Maulen


When you’re shooting an artist like Harts you know that you’re in for a seriously good time. He moves very quickly and loves his rockstar poses but this one reflects what it is that truly makes Harts a superstar. I met him just before the show so seeing the transformation from pre show to gig mode was very inspiring. Also got to shoot from an empty pit which was amazing… especially for this shot!

Publication: Shot for Artist

Gear: Nikon D750 35mm 1.4

Post Process:  I didn’t have to edit this shot too much- just upped the highlights a little and added some contrast. The image speaks for itself so didn’t want to take much away from that.

About the photographer, Leila Maulen

I’ve always been a music enthusiast, and shooting bands is the ultimate music enthusiast’s gig. I started shooting them four years ago simply because I wanted to do something different with my photography. It was a welcome challenge to work with the constantly changing light and the rush of the action on stage. There’ve been

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