To Kill a Coward // Liam Davidson


“I was shooting for the band on this occasion so I had full creative freedom. They’re a quite small band so the crowd wasn’t too pushy, so I was just working with my flashes and it was a super enjoyable shoot overall.”

Publication: Shooting for the band

Gear: Canon 5D mk3 + Canon 17-40 f4 L + 3x Yongnuo 560ex IV speedlites.

Post Process:  I didn’t do much to this shot as it was pretty perfect straight out of camera, so it was mostly some contrast, clarity and a bit of yellow/orange in the highlights and some blue in the shadows to add some depth.

About the photographer, Liam Davidson

I’m Liam and I’m an 18 year old music photographer from Melbourne. I started shooting in July of 2014, first with a local battle of the bands. From there, the venue asked me to shoot some shows for them, so I got my first 6 months of experience from this venue. I shot a few

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