Underoath // Stu Mckay


“The shoot itself was quite tricky as is most shows at Metropolis Fremantle. Lighting is almost always from the back and there was quite a lot of strobing going on. There was only a split second opportunity to get this image which fortunately, I was in the right place at the right time for.”

Publication: Amnplify

Gear: Canon 5d MkIII with a 16-35mm lens at f/2.8 and focal range of 16mm

Post Process:  Very little post processing was needed as the stage light was bright enough to light up the water that was spat from singer Spencer’s mouth. All I added was some sharpening, clarity, small adjustment to white balance and a bit of contrast.

About the photographer, Stu Mckay

Ever since I started going to gigs when I was around 17 I have always loved to capture the bands I’ve seen. The first cameras I used were Kodak disposables and then progressed slowly onto a couple of cheap nondescript film cameras, a Canon IXUS point and shoot, Canon 1100D (first dslr) and then finally

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