Explosions in the Sky // Kerrie Geier


“With no photo pit I arrived just in time to to grab a spot up front, in the middle of the stage. I didn’t really have the opportunity to move around, so I had to hunt out the shots from my single position. Fortunately there was lots going on right in front of me, and I was transfixed by this guitarist!”

Publication: The Gov, Adelaide

Gear: Canon Canon 6D body, Canon 16-35mm f2.8 lens.

Post Process:  I had a few shots of the guitarist playing in a similar way, and I don’t actually think this one made my initial gallery, but on review I liked that everything about it is against the norm – his stance, the way his holding his guitar and the way he is playing. Slight boosts to the whites, lights and some clarity to get definition (especially with all that smoke) and some movement in the colour to get a nice tone from the lights and I was done!

About the photographer, Kerrie Geier

After having studied a Bachelor Degree in Photography straight out of school, and following years of taking my camera to gigs as a punter, I started shooting for websites in about 2008. I love the challenge of shooting live music because you never quite know what you are going to get, and you have about

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