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“Hot. Think back to that time you were going to work, sitting on the train swimming in a pool of your own fluids thinking “I’ll never be comfortable again?” Multiply that by ten, put a heavy object in your hand, stare into the sun, turn your headphones up to deafening levels and try to forget about the army of fans and roadies that you’re probably obstructing. Still, Dune Rats are a great band and I was pretty damn lucky to score stage access, so it was a lot of fun despite the apocalyptic heat bearing down. I may have joined in the marijuana, big banana singalong. Very professional.”

Publication: Architects of Entertainment (production company)

Gear: Canon 5D mkIII and a Canon 16-35mm f/2.8

Post Process: Tried colour, looked terrible and washed out, switched it to black and white so the guitarist had some pop. Then it was a matter of spot editing everything until the light was more or less balanced, then playing with contrast and clarity to gain more pop, and reduce the distracting detail in the audience. At that time of day, the world is bright and the stage, as well as the talent, is dark and we can’t use a flash to compensate. So it’s a bit of a crap shoot unless you know what you’re doing. I do not. Thank god (Adobe?) for Lightroom!

About the photographer, Peter Zaluzny

When did you start shooting?   I started doing gigs about 7 years ago.  Before that, photography had always been in the house – my dad was a serious enthusiast.  Way back when, I did a semester of photo journalism as part of my Bachelor of Journalism at Uni, so I bought a digital camera

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