Tash Sultana // Lachlan Douglas


“I was up on the open side of her setup to get a less obstructed angle. I had a long lens on to look for some tight facial expressions. Tash exploded from her position out towards me on the way to the front of the stage for some crowd interaction. This is the moment that she burst out of her usual position.”

Publication: Woodford Folk Festival

Gear: Canon 5D MKII, with a Canon 70-200 2.8 lens

Post Process: The light was much stronger than I would usually experience, so I was shooting much faster than usual. This meant that the contrast between the subject and the background was naturally greater. Post processing was really limited for this shot. I tweaked the exposure for the subject in Lightroom and set the blacks where I wanted them. What you see is very close to how it was out of the camera on this occasion. No cropping.

About the photographer, Lachlan Douglas

I started shooting bands around 2004 when friends became far better instrumentalists that I could have ever been. I thought if I could learn to shoot motion in low light then I could do anything. I was wrong. I shot for now-defunct Tsunami Magazine until late 2007, when I took a three year hiatus in

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