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“This was actually my first time shooting Violent Soho, I’ve been wanting to shoot them for what has felt like ages, everyone was really pumped. We were waiting in the VIP media area to be escorted through backstage and into the media pit. We were given a de-brief which honestly, along with the roar of the crowd which was some distance away, only added to us feeling like we were going to war. It was the most bizarre feeling I’ve had before shooting a band, and it was great, but we were warned that when we get to the pit it may not even happen.

“Security, as always has the final call and they were concerned it would get too dangerous.

“We’re ushered in, and the crowd is going nuts. I’ll admit it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, they sounded worse than they were, and everyone seemed respectful and excited. James (Tidswell, guitar) comes on stage leading the rest of the band, holding a plastic bag full of tinnies that he throws out to members of the audience. What an incredible start to a fantastic show. These guys have been on my list to shoot for way too long, and I’ll be going to their shows as much as I can from now on.”

Publication: Moshcam

Gear: I was shooting using both a Nikon D3 with a 70-200mm, and a Nikon D750 with a 24-70mm lens; I believe this was taken on the D3 with the 70-200 – the Falls main stage was huge, it was double my height.

Post Process: Very minimal editing (I had a whole three-day festival to get through) – Just some minor contrast and highlight/lowlight adjustments.

About the photographer, Rhiannon Hopley

Rhiannon Hopley is a Sydney based, award winning photographer. Her diverse range of skills have found her working in live music, promotional, events, and fashion photography, while also working as freelance graphic designer and an accomplished artist. Rhiannon began professional shooting soon after graduating high school in 2004, with excellence in photography. Initially shooting gigs

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