Catfish and the Bottlemen // John Goodridge


“Shooting Falls Festival is a fun experience, almost like being part of a family. I hadn’t seen Catfish and the Bottlemen play before and I was blown away by their energy on stage. I waited until lead singer Van McCann came close to the front of the stage and snapped a shot in action. He moved so fast, you had to watch the whole time.”

Publication: The AU Review

Gear:  Nikon D750 (I had a 24-70 f2.8 zoom on at wide setting), shutter speed: 1/125 f4.5 ISO 640

Post Process: The band imagery is predominantly black and white so I was aiming for that feel, and did very little in Lightroom. I increased exposure, clarity and vignetting, and that’s it.

About the photographer, John Goodridge

I’ve been interested in shooting music since the days of the Angels, Midnight Oil and INXS. I would take a camera into these shows, but with film it was a bit hit-and-miss. My favourite shot from that era is Michael Hutchence, up close at Adelaide Uni. Since digital cameras became more affordable, I gained a

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