Peaches // Lachlan Douglas


“I sized up the space and saw that with that line of lights, front-on images were going to be more effective and that there were no mic stands to worry about. At the time the image was taken, there was a fairly fast cycle of lighting and I had to match the best light moment in that cycle with the shapes she was making. She dropped into the splits and trying to avoid lens flare I positioned myself in the right spot and waited for the right moment.”

Publication: Scenestr

Gear: Canon 5D MKII, with a Canon 24-70 2.8 lens

Post Process: There wasn’t much post processing involved for this one. I cropped the image in as I shot it wide in case I wanted it in a square ratio. I brought down the black to enhance the lights in the background and to make the subject pop. I brought up the boot on the left a little bit which had faded into the darkness a little.

About the photographer, Lachlan Douglas

I started shooting bands around 2004 when friends became far better instrumentalists that I could have ever been. I thought if I could learn to shoot motion in low light then I could do anything. I was wrong. I shot for now-defunct Tsunami Magazine until late 2007, when I took a three year hiatus in

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