Coldplay // Rebecca Houlden


“This was a very stressful shoot! We were only allowed to shoot from a small designated area on the side of the catwalk. There were quite a lot of obstacles to try and shoot around – large lights along the edge of the stage, confetti machines, and other photographer’s heads since we were in a vertical line and shooting in the same direction. I knew I needed to shoot with a wide angle, but it was difficult to get a good clear shot of Chris Martin.”

Publication: The AU Review

Gear: Nikon D800, with a Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 lens

Post Process: I always try to accurately represent what I saw on the night. I usually have a lot of shadows in my images, but I pulled them back to make the sky pop a bit more as well as increasing the blues, then added a bit of vignetting.

About the photographer, Rebecca Houlden

I’m from Melbourne and work as a graphic designer by day, gig photographer by night. I started shooting gigs in 2009 and quickly became obsessed – since then, I’ve shot over 950 bands live in Australia and overseas. My favourite genre to shoot is definitely rock/alternative, especially if there’s a female singer. Punk and metal

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