Montaigne // Leila Maulen


“About 4 songs into her set, Montaigne darted towards the edge of the stage, jumped onto the speakers and down to the fans. I knew she was up to something, so I ran to the other side of her and positioned myself at the end of the steel barricade. She stood elevated on a step and serenaded the crowd with sincere love and adoration. It would have been a spectacular moment for any fan who was close enough and lucky enough to be part of that moment.”

Publication: Semplesize

Gear: Nikon D750, with a Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 lens

Post Process: With Montaigne’s sudden rush to the open air and no stage lights around, I had limited time to adjust my ISO and shutter speed in the moment, but I managed to get away with a pretty decent exposure. I just needed to play with curves a little and add the smallest amount of contrast. I aim to try to do as little editing as possible.

About the photographer, Leila Maulen

I’ve always been a music enthusiast, and shooting bands is the ultimate music enthusiast’s gig. I started shooting them four years ago simply because I wanted to do something different with my photography. It was a welcome challenge to work with the constantly changing light and the rush of the action on stage. There’ve been

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