Deftones // Charlyn Cameron


“I shot Deftones before and kind of knew what to expect. I wanted to get a photo of Chino mid-air, and when I missed the first opportunity I thought I missed my chance. Second time round I was very lucky. I was at the right place.”

Publication: Loud Online

Gear: Canon 6D, with a 16-35 L Lens

Post Process: I converted the colour image to black and white in Lightroom, and used a third application to add a few effects.

About the photographer, Charlyn Cameron

Charlyn Cameron is a Brisbane-based concert photographer. She is a music lover of sorts and loves to shoot shows at a small venue, big stadiums, a shed, a car park. Anywhere there is live music, she’ll be there getting amongst it with a camera in her face. She digs anything that will make her ears

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