Capture The Crown // Liam Davidson


“Capture The Crown came out heavy and slightly crazy, so there were quite a few crowd surfers and I was constantly watching my back. Overall it was difficult, but the subjects made it easier to find moments worth capturing.”

Publication: AMNplify

Gear: Canon 5D MKIII, with a Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens

Post Process: For this image I was aiming for a dirty, heavy look. I added standard contrast, a fair bit of clarity and dropped the saturation. I added green to the shadows and warmed up the image to have contrasting orange-to-green. I then faded the blacks and added grain to make it messier.

About the photographer, Liam Davidson

I’m Liam and I’m an 18 year old music photographer from Melbourne. I started shooting in July of 2014, first with a local battle of the bands. From there, the venue asked me to shoot some shows for them, so I got my first 6 months of experience from this venue. I shot a few

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