The Bronx // Lachlan Douglas


“I saw that Matt Caughthran was jumping around a bit. I think I missed a shot early. The light flicked over to a sequence of fluorescent purple. From the music and where Matt had moved to, I had a sense there was something about to happen, and it did.”

Publication: Scenestr

Gear: Canon 5D MKII, with a Canon 24-70 2.8 lens

Post Process: All facial detail was lost in the purple. I very rarely convert images to black and white, but it was a necessity here. After applying my usual sequence of actions, darkening the blacks which provides a bit of contrast, I applied a simple black and white conversion (hit that button in the lightroom, no social B&W presets or anything like that). I tweaked highlights to make sure that the top end of detail was as it should be.

About the photographer, Lachlan Douglas

I started shooting bands around 2004 when friends became far better instrumentalists that I could have ever been. I thought if I could learn to shoot motion in low light then I could do anything. I was wrong. I shot for now-defunct Tsunami Magazine until late 2007, when I took a three year hiatus in

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