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“I was very privileged to be allowed to shoot as AAA for Capture The Crown and Buried In Verona for Moshcam at this show. I’ve always wanted to capture one of those ‘downtime’ shots you see of the artist on stage, the brief moment of them being caught up in everything that is happening on stage, taking a breath, before launching straight back into it all. I was hanging around the back of the drummer Ryan taking some shots, then Jeffrey caught my eye. The lighting was backlighting him perfectly so I made my capture, and this was the result.”

Publication: Moshcam

Gear: Nikon D4S with a Nikkor 24-70 2.8 lens (my go to kit)

Post Process: The lighting wasn’t super fantastic at this show, but was workable. I was shooting at a higher shutter speed to make sure I froze the action, as the band had a lot of energy on stage, so this shot was a little under exposed. I popped it into BW, upped the exposure, added contrast and clarity, and messed with the colour sliders until I was happy with the tonality of the image. Sometimes getting a good edit isn’t an exact science, so playing around until you like the result is totally allowed! I wanted the edit to reflect the mood of the shot, so I kept it intentionally a little dark.

About the photographer, Kierra Thorn

After studying music all throughout my school years, I decided to go study photography at uni (that makes total sense huh?) In 2008, a friend’s band was playing at Bar Broadway and I thought I’d take my camera along and see what happened, meld the two worlds I was interested in… what could go wrong?

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