Mayday Parade // Sian Sandilands


“The shoot itself was nostalgic. Mayday Parade was a band I use to listen to back when I was already 11 or 12. Since then I have seen them around 3 or so times, but this time it was awesome to be on the other side of the barricade.”

Publication: Century Venues

Gear: Canon 5D Mark II, with a Sigma 35 art lens

Post Process: First it was to crop the image to have a more rule of thirds ratio. Then the red lighting was turned more into a golden and the whole picture was clarified. I pictured in my head exactly how I wanted this to turn out, so I was poised ready to capture it.

About the photographer, Sian Sandilands

I’m just your basic 18 year old photographer, vinyl collector and music enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. I picked up at camera at 14 and decided that taking photos was something I wanted to do. I was already heading to numerous gigs a year so I thought, what was stopping me from doing exactly that? Since

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