Make Them Suffer // Jared Leibowitz


“The shoot was fun. I’ve shot these guys more than 50 times and been wanting to get a double spit for a long time, and this one time it just happened to all line up, the lighting, composition… everything. I looked on the back of my camera was super stoked I got it.”

Publication: N/A

Gear: Nikon D800 and Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8

Post Process: I first played around with camera calibration to mess around some of the reds and blues, and then changed around some of the curves. Then to top it off, I played around with the split toning until I was happy. I wanted a coolish tone while still keeping the skin tones the right colour, and I feel as though I achieved that.

About the photographer, Jared Leibowitz

My name is Jared Leibowitz and in 2013 I started a photography page on Facebook, just wanting to do some parties, I then had a friend hit me up to shoot his band, and I thought it’d be a cool idea. During 2013 I started to shoot smaller bands then eventually got in contact with

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