sleepmakeswaves // Rhiannon Hopley


“This was an incredible gig (a guarantee with any sleepmakeswaves gig, and I’ve been to and shot a few).The Metro Sydney show was the second last show of a pretty great tour, with a pretty wicked line-up to match. This is my favourite style of music to both listen to and shoot, so yes I might have been caught rocking out in the pit enjoying the entirety of this show…the lights and energy was crazy, from blinding strobes to moments of complete darkness, which quite perfectly matches their sound.”

Publication: Loud online and Century Venues

Gear: Nikon D3, and 24 – 70mm 2.8f

Post Process: There was very minimal editing on this image, like most of my work, I dropped the highlight and bumped up shadows slightly, and added a touch of clarity.

About the photographer, Rhiannon Hopley

Rhiannon Hopley is a Sydney based, award winning photographer. Her diverse range of skills have found her working in live music, promotional, events, and fashion photography, while also working as freelance graphic designer and an accomplished artist. Rhiannon began professional shooting soon after graduating high school in 2004, with excellence in photography. Initially shooting gigs

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