Drowning Pool // Jerika Faithfull


There was about ten minutes of their set to go and they were yet to play their most anticipated and well known song, “Bodies.”  After thanking the crowd profusely, Jasen invited everyone to join him up on stage. Once the stage was full of fans he whispered, “let the bodies hit the floor” and the entire venue erupted. Absolutely incredible.”

Publication: Wall of Sound

Gear: Nikon D5100 with Sigma 24-70mm f2.8

Post Process: For my post process I have a few different Lightroom pre-sets that I apply and then tweak to suit according to each photograph. I usually go for a sharp high contrast look.

About the photographer, Jerika Faithfull

I started to get into Photography when I was given an old Minolta film camera as a gift when I was about 15. From there it was my favourite subject during high school and something I new wanted to pursue. I shoot for Wall of Sound doing my favourite kind of photography, shooting gigs!

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