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“After several hiatuses from shooting live music due to a major surfing injury last year this was one of my first shoots back “in the pit” since my most recent surgery,it was one hell of a gig with stellar action packed performances by supports The Clowns, Axe Girl and Kaleidoscope the crowd was whipped into a frenzy. The Bennies have very loyal fans and the energy was high i noticed a young fella screaming the lyrics to nearly every song so i kept my eye on him and when The Bennies lead singer stuck out the mic to the fans i knew it was time to take aim and fire this image off.”

Publication: Shot for the venue.

Gear: Canon 5dmk3 and Canon 24-70L series lens.

Post Process:  Hmmm, not a question i usually answer, but ok this time… I will.  Using LR i did a quick colour balance, converted to black and white adjusted my clipping, blowing out some of the background details to increases the pop of the image. I did some regular high contrast tone curve adjustments, sharpened it up a little and decreased the noise and added a little grain.  I have my own custom presets to help with this – without giving too much away – which i think i just did… haha.


About the photographer, Chris Frape

Chris Frape has been taking live music photos on and off for around 25 years now, only taking the plunge into making photographing a full time career about 4 years ago. I love live music and the energy that fills the room after all the hours in the rehearsal room and on the road that

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