Broods // Marcus Ravik


“Was a sold out show with a pretty awesome light show!”

Publication: The Music

Gear: Canon 5D Mark III w/16-35 2.8

Post Process: 

I generally have a handful of presets I use as a base, then do some quick editing over the top. I’ll have a preset for certain venues too that accommodate their invariable lighting setups.

I’m all about fast turnaround for the publication, so I won’t spend too long on a single image before shooting it off to the website, or magazine that I’m shooting for.

About the photographer, Markus Ravik

I started photography on film back in high school, we had a dark room there and could develop and print our own work; It’s here I really fell in love with the process of creating images. Once I moved to Brisbane I started to study film photography further at BCPA. It was during this time

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