The Beards // Britt Andrews


“It was cold. Very very cold. It was a cramped 3 hour drive to the venue with 5 people in a tiny car. I got there, my name wasnt on the door, everyone was extremely drunk (I assume as a way of dealing with the cold), and the lighting was interesting. It had gotten to the end of the three songs and I hadnt gotten anything I felt was ‘special’ so I gave Facey a tap on the leg and made a grabbing motion and he leaned down so I could feel his beard. I also love touching beards so this combined my love of music photography and beard touching.”

Publication: Rock Shows Live

Gear: Shot with 6D, Sigma 24 – 70 2.8

Post Process: Post was difficult. There was no lighting at the front of the stage at all, and because he was leaned right off the front for me, it was a VERY dark photo so it took a lot of Lightroom fiddling to make it look workable.

About the photographer, Britt Andrews

I got started because I love live music and I love taking photos, so one day I went, “Maybe I should combine them.” I snuck my camera into Soundwave, hidden under a bag of pistachio nuts (which came in handy when Slipknot had to stop their set because the barrier broke), and I shot from

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