London Grammar // Markus Ravik


“Torrential rain had set in on the last night of Falls after three blistering hot days, a handful of photographers stuck it out for London Grammar. Turned out to be worth it to get this shot.”

Publication: The Music

Gear: Canon 5D Mark III + 70-200 2.8

Post Process: Initially I had edited this up as a colour print for The Music, and that is still how I submitted it for them. I rarely edit in B&W but it just made this image so much more striking.


About the photographer, Markus Ravik

I started photography on film back in high school, we had a dark room there and could develop and print our own work; It’s here I really fell in love with the process of creating images. Once I moved to Brisbane I started to study film photography further at BCPA. It was during this time

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