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Absolutely wild. At The Drive-In are one of my favourite bands, and one of the hardest bands to shoot. They’re always moving, especially Cedric, the singer, which can make for awesome shots, but you have to stay on the ball. I had one eye on Cedric, one eye on the rest of the band, one half of my brain on the shoot, and the other half enjoying the show. I may have stopped for a short singalong at one (or ten) points.”

Publication: Blunt

Gear: Canon 5D Mk III with an EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II

Post Process: It was a dark, noisey shot with a to begin with, I spent about half an hour trying to remove the grain without damaging the colour and sharpness. Plus, there was a lot of smoke to deal with too. I had to spot edit everything around Cedric so he would pop out of the background, black clothes on black curtains is never a good combination. Then I cropped it into portrait, to get that damn microphone out. Just as I was about to export, I decided to drop the saturation to -100, just to see what it looked like in black and white (I don’t really like the black and white presets in Lightroom). That turned out to be the right move. I went back to a landscape orientation, reduced noise reduction (embrace the grain!) and tinkered with the blacks until Cedric had enough contrast against the dark background. A little bit of spot sharpening on his face added that little extra touch of emotion.

About the photographer, Peter Zaluzny

When did you start shooting?   I started doing gigs about 7 years ago.  Before that, photography had always been in the house – my dad was a serious enthusiast.  Way back when, I did a semester of photo journalism as part of my Bachelor of Journalism at Uni, so I bought a digital camera

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