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“Snuff were headlining a special event ‘ Labyrinth masquerade ball’ for the 30th year release of the David Bowie film ‘Labyrinth’. The show consisted of circus performances, burlesque, music and audience interaction this was from the first night of three, and it was an incredible evening that transported an audience into the magical world of the labyrinth ball. Snuff was an amazing finish to the night and I’m looking forward to shoot the next two events.”

Publication: Freelance

Gear: Nikon D750, 24-70m 2.8 Tamron.

Post Process: I usually edit work in lightroom, especially if I’m needing a quick turn around, as it allows for quick selection of favourites and simple editing. There’s only minor editing on this image, the adjustments I made were on highlights/lights and darks/shadows, I always like adding a bit of contrast this way and adding a slight bit of clarity and pulled back a tiny bit on the saturation.

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About the photographer, Rhiannon Hopley

Rhiannon Hopley is a Sydney based, award winning photographer. Her diverse range of skills have found her working in live music, promotional, events, and fashion photography, while also working as freelance graphic designer and an accomplished artist. Rhiannon began professional shooting soon after graduating high school in 2004, with excellence in photography. Initially shooting gigs

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