Paul Tadday


I’m based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, specialising in portraiture of all kinds, commercial / corporate / events and urban / landscape art.  I’m predominantly self taught and influenced by a myriad of local and international photographers.

I’ve always had an interest in visual arts and a few years ago I became frustrated during a trip to Europe that I didn’t know my DSLR well enough… so that was it… my journey kicked off!!

I’m also an avid photographer of live music.  I’m a regular contributing photographer for and (Australian Musician Network).

Photography provides a way of communicating and evoking thoughts, emotions and memories.  I’m inspired by the environment that surrounds me.  Every subject has its own story.  The trick is to capture the subject in a manner that conveys that story to the viewer.  That’s the challenge and when it pays off it’s a massive rush!

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