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How long have you been shooting for?

I’ve been shooting for about two and a half years.  I was studying music business at TAFE and people just needed me to take photos for their assignments – I just put my hand up and said “Yeah, i’ll do it.”  That’s how it all kicked off – I just kept shooting heavy bands, cause that was what I was listening to at the time. I then started jumping in a van to hone my craft as a live music photographer whilst balancing video work with each band I toured with. 99% of the time I shoot for myself with the odd show shot for a publication. I love shooting nature and the natural world.

How did you come to be on tour with Parkway Drive?

I took a photograph of the band at the Live it Up festival – which they shared on social media – and it went on to become their most liked photograph on Facebook.  So I swung them an email and was like, ‘Hey let me come tour with you guys, cause I guess your fans really enjoy my work and i think i can capture your show pretty well.’  They said yes, so I did the Australian Ire Tour and we’ve been mates ever since.

What’s your thoughts on the MPAs?

I think it’s cool that there’s a community of photographers in Australia that can have a healthy competition and push each other to take unique photos that might not be typically captured when they go to a show.  You get to see someone in Melbourne whose photographed a show that might be headed your way – it’s a challenge to try and top what they did when you photograph the show the following weekend.  I think it’s a cool thing that people can go, ‘holy shit, that’s a great photo – how can I do better?’

What’s your favourite band to shoot?

Parkway Drive. It’s not just that I dig the band – they put on an amazing production, Winston is a great frontman and they have a consistently incredible show.

What’s your favourite venue to shoot in?

Festival Hall in Melbourne or River Stage in Brisbane.

Name the top three bands on you photography bucketlist? 

Rammstein, Metallica & Tool.

What band would you most like to tour the world with?

Rammstein. They’d be pretty wild, not sure if I’d get on with the guys – they’re kind of an intimidating bunch, but that live show is next level and I’d love to capture it on a night to night basis.


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