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“Taken during the Apia Good Times Tour, Jon is an amazing entertainer who is always a whole lot of fun to shoot!”

Publication: AMNplify

Gear: Nikon D810 and a 70-200mm f 2.8. Shot at 105mm.  My settings were. ISO 800, F 3.5, 1/500 I always shoot I manual too.

Post Process: I always shoot in RAW so every image needs some processing, which I do in Lightroom. I had perfect lighting for this show so thankfully the editing was fairly simple. It needed a white balance adjustment to make the skin tones correct, as originally the image came out a little cool due to the blue lighting. I increased the vibrance to about +20 to boost the colour. And I dropped the highlights slightly to take away some of the flares around the edges. I added sharpening of about +10 as well. Other than that it’s pretty much as it was when. I took it. Normally with my editing I try to keep it fairly simple, only adjust what needs to be adjusted and I try to keep the colours as they were at the show.

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Josh is the Head of Video and Photography at Moshcam. He's an award-winning director, editor and photographer based in Newtown, NSW Australia. He has been shooting live music since 2011 for several publications, both print and online, but primarily Sydney street press magazine, The Music - formerly Drum Media. A 2007 graduate of AFTRS, Josh has directed music videos for artists including Angus & Julia Stone ('Babylon' and 'Just a Boy'), Birds of Tokyo ('Wild Eyed Boy'), Born Lion ( 'Good Dogs Play Dead' ), The Snowdroppers ('White Dress' and 'Love Letters') and The Rumjacks ('FIstful O' Roses'). In 2008 he won the IF award for Best Music Video and he's received nominations for ARIA and J awards. In 2016 he won the Best Editing award at Tropfest, for 'Ben's Filming The Movie.' You can check out his directing and editing website here -

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About the photographer, Bronwen Caple

Photographer from country SA, who loves to shoot anything live, and travels far and wide to do so. I have always been a keen photographer, mostly as a hobbyist shooting anything and everything until I found my niche. My love for live music and the atmosphere and emotions in a live show are the reason

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