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The Shins tease The Worms Heart

We sat down for a chat with James and Yuuki of The Shins backstage at Fairgrounds Festival 2017 in Berry, NSW. They talked about touring Hea


Sharing a Vision in Different Spaces With All Time Low’s Jack Barakat

We chat with the guitarist about being a Baltimore kid, having his life changed by being in Sydney and Tokyo, and making the dream ATL recor


Sticking to the Principles with DragonForce’s Herman Li

I sat down with Li to chat about the new record, the Megadeth classic that got him through school, and why being a perfectionist both rocks


Q&A With Clowns

We chat with frontman Stevie Williams about the making of their new album and the constant need to change their sound


Q&A with The Wombats

We talk about the 10 year anniversary of their first album and their upcoming 'psychedelic' fourth album


Three Lessons We Learnt From I Prevail on Their First Aussie Tour

We spoke about their Aussie fan base, the compromises you need to make for touring, and their love of Toto


Pushing Through Metal’s Darkest Era with Overkill’s ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth

In 1980, the seeds were sown for one of the most enduring bands in metal history, and the frontman sheds light on just how that came to be.


Hot Thoughts with Spoon’s Rob Pope

We chat about the new album, the importance of 'groove', and why we can hopefully expect to see Spoon again a lot sooner than we might have


We Talk To Thundamentals About Their New Album, Upcoming Tours and Elaine From Seinfeld

Tuka spills the beans on their latest concept album Everyone We Know