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Live music is my life. If I'm not behind the mic talking about it on various community radio shows, you can find me in the pit. Let's follow each other on Instagram: @girl_at_the_rock_show

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Kasabian Bring New Tunes and Fan Favourites to the Sydney Opera House

We’ve never seen this many people jump up and down in unison at the Opera House before!


The Smith Street Band Treat Sydney To A Mix Of New & Old

A mate messaged me this morning about how there’s only one voice that always makes her stop what she’s doing and pay attention to the so


The Significant Six of ‘06

Was 2006 the best year for music in the 21st century?


Track by Track: Birds of Tokyo at Taronga

Birds of Tokyo turn Taronga Zoo into Sydney's hottest new karaoke venue


Josh Pyke’s Night at Twilight Taronga

Josh Pyke is the second act to hit the Taronga stage in 2016