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I'm a Sydney-based filmmaker and I write about music for fun. Seeing women on stage is one of my favourite things.

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Violent Femmes Show No Signs Of Slowing Down

The rock n roll lifestyle can be very unforgiving, but Violent Femmes are still going as strong as ever


Frankie Cosmos: An Ode to Tim Tam’s

Frankie Cosmos prove that they love Australia as much as we love them


Peter Garrett & Kev Carmody Kick Off Twilight at Taronga

Beautiful views + Australian music legends = perfection


Amanda Palmer Grabbed Sydney Opera House By The Pussy

Her show provides a much needed political and feminist commentary on modern society


James Blake Had Me In Tears – The Good Kind

I generally consider myself a rather cold hearted person - not even Bambi makes me cry - but on Wednesday evening that changed.


Where My Ladies At? Females Fit For Any Festival

A lot has been said about the lack of female acts in festival line-ups, so we've done the research for future programmers


10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Doors’ Light My Fire

This week 49 years ago, a spark was lit that changed musical history forever


Gold Class & Mere Women Perfectly Complement Each Other

Both bands bestowed their anthemic, morose brand of punk upon a sold out show at Newtown Social Club


Losing – and Regaining – Faith In Humanity With The Drones

The band spit, slur and snarl about racism, consumerism and humanity


Sleater-Kinney Wrap Up The All About Women Festival at the Opera House

Breaking news: A riot broke out in Sydney’s famous Opera House Concert Hall this Sunday.


Beach House + The Opera House doesnt = House Music

Venues with seats can cause quite a conundrum - to dance, or not to dance


The Enmore’s Expectations Were High For Courtney Barnett

Having recently filled her awards cabinet, expectations were higher than ever for the Melbournian