Album Review: Nocturnal Sunshine


Review: Nicholas Wagstaff


2010 saw UK–based producer Maya Jane Coles test the waters with her alter ego Nocturnal Sunshine. Just a few short years later, and we finally have a full-length release to drown ourselves in. It’s come at an interesting time considering Maya’s recent boost in name recognition with Nicki Minaj heavily sampling ‘What They Say’ in her 2014 hit ‘Truffle Butter’.

Upon the first few listens of the self-titled record, I must say I was slightly disappointed that the album didn’t hit the highs and lows I’d grown to love in her music. But after some more in-depth listens I realised that it’s the beautiful subtleties and intricacies that make this album some of Coles’ most interesting work to date.

Even the most dubstep driven track, ‘Take Me There’, soars because of the way it slowly and patiently builds. Here, new sounds are introduced gradually until the track finally evolves and crystalises as a sublime whole.

It’s a perfect example of how Nocturnal Sunshine can craft structure in her tracks without having to pull out the easy and cheesy electronic music tricks from her bag. On her self-titled debut album, restraint is Coles’ biggest weapon, and it’s what makes every listen more rewarding than the last. 


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