The Cure, Vivid Sydney @ Sydney Opera House 24th May 2019 Disintegration Album 30th Anniversary.


The Cure, Vivid Sydney @ Sydney Opera House 24th May 2019

Disintegration Album 30th Anniversary.

The choice of The Cure, one of the most iconic bands to come out of the post punk English music scene made for the perfect opening of Vivid 2019. This was one of the most anticipated gigs of the year with the crowd in attendance the lucky few to win the limited ticket ballot over five nights.

We were immediately taken back to 1989 as the band played the Disintegration album in full, track by track and as the LP should be played live. Starting with ‘Plainsong’ and an appreciative roar from the crowd, everyone jumped to their feet as the signature atmospheric sound of The Cure filled the Opera House. A suitably moody light and slide show created the perfect backdrop and feel of the show.

I feel the Cure are at their best when they write love songs. “Pictures of You and “Love Song” are two of the most popiest songs on the album and well known crowd favourites. Perfectly executed, they didn’t disappoint which left everyone with a massive smile on their face.

The sound was perfect as to be expected for the Sydney Opera House. Most slumped back into their seats to enjoy “Last Dance”, “Lullaby” and “Fascination Street, with a few pockets of enthusiastic fans jumping to their feet to let themselves go during their favourite songs.

This was a performance for The Cure fans, with the band sticking to the album in full and an encore comprising lesser known B-Sides and album outtakes. This was the first time these songs have been played live and it was a privilege to hear them. Whilst some fans were hoping to hear their favourite songs from other albums, the band remained true to the concept of the evening.

An emotional Robert Smith thanked the crowd expressing “this made me sad and very happy”. Finishing with the final song, a sea shanty cover of Wendy Waldman’s “Pirate Ships”, remastered with The Cures touch and ever so slightly reminiscent of The Pogues. An unusual finish to an exceptional concert.

Thank you The Cure, “What ever words I say, I will always love you”.


Words by Peter Dovgan

Images by Josh Groom



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