Dune Rats + Skegss + Gooch Palms = Glorious Chaos


Metro Theatre, 26/03/17

Photos by Britt Andrews

On Sunday night, The Gooch Palms, Skegss and Dune Rats took the stage for the final show of the The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit tour, and to many it was an absolute dream trio. If you’ve ever seen any of these three bands live before, you’ll know that they give it absolutely everything and hold nothing back each time they step foot on a stage. What was so surprising about this show wasn’t the fact that, once again, they all smashed it, but the fact that they all played as though this was their first show of the tour. There wasn’t one sign of fatigue, no one gave the slightest hint of tired vocals and the amount of energy that was thrown around the room from the stage was on another level.

Up first was The Gooch Palms, proudly repping their hometown of Newcastle throughout their set, with one of the first things they said being “You know what’s so great about Sydney, it’s only two hours away from Newy!”. The crowd warmed to the duo straight away, with mosh circles opening up within the first few songs. Considering there is only Kat and Leroy in the band, they manage to make one hell of a sound. Playing tracks like ‘Ask Me Why’, ‘Living Room Bop’ and ‘Don’t Look Me Up’, they were the perfect opener for a night that was only going to get louder and more insane.

Up next was Skegss, who seem to have some sort of hypnotic effect over their fans; I don’t think I’ve ever seen people scramble so much to get to the front of a stage. Listening to their music, it would be described more as indie/surf, but once these guys take the stage, everything is amped up about 20 notches, and they pump out a far heavier sound. Playing their new tracks ‘Spring Has Sprung’ and ‘Got On My Skateboard’ along with older tunes ‘Fun’, ‘Eat It’ and ‘New York California’, the sweat dripping through the mosh was plenty, stage divers and crowd surfers had come out to play and it was obvious that people were now getting edgy waiting for the imminent arrival of Dune Rats.

Walking onto the stage in true Dunie style, sculling beer and kicking empty cans and cups into the crowd, they were 100% from the get go. Kicking off the set with album opener ‘Don’t Talk’, within seconds there were bodies flying everywhere, and with ‘Six Pack’ and ‘Demolition Derby’ following, the carnage kept on rolling. Hearing their new music live, it is really obvious how much beefier and heavier it is than their first album. It definitely has a more refined and progressed sound to it, and it really sounds like it was made to play live. ‘Red Light Green Light’ sent the crowd off, as did ‘Scott Green’, ‘Fuck It’ and ‘Bullshit’. To step up their game one more notch…which seemed almost impossible, Zac Carper from Fidlar joined them on stage for ‘Scott Green’ and a few other tracks, and it was easy to see how much fun they were actually having.

Staying true to their roots of being stoner slackers, two giant joints hung comfortably above the stage, but the sounds they were producing was more in tune with three dudes who are genuine hard workers who have a hell of a lot of talent. Things did get a bit weird towards the end of the set when Brett took off his pants, wrapped a towel around himself and re-enacted giving birth, pulling a doll attached to a cord from underneath the towel and swinging it above the stage for a good 20 seconds. I’m not sure if I missed something, but it was odd, borderline creepy and hilarious.

Finishing off the set with ‘Dalai Lama Big Banana Marijuana’, Skegss and The Gooch Palms joined them on stage for one final send off, before Leroy, Brett and BC jammed out some pretty sweet funk for a final few minutes. It was an absolutely insane show, that proved how much this band has come within the last couple years, making it pretty clear why the entire tour sold out within hours.

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