King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Treat Us To Looping LP, Nonagon Infinity


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Plugged as the ‘world’s first infinitely looping album’, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s Nonagon Infinity is a relentless rollercoaster of a record that doesn’t let you off. Scratch the nine-chapter appearance – with every song flowing into the next and the final track linking back with the first, it’s best to view the LP as a 41-minute instalment of heavy-psych-rock that’ll have you fondling your once redundant repeat button.

With that being said, the live show is sure to be madness right? The short answer – yes. But there’s a method to the madness, as the seven-piece orchestrate the concoction with a controlled flow. Last Friday night at Sydney’s Metro Theatre I experienced the live interpretation first hand, and much like the album, it was like nothing else I’ve heard. Broken down into three 30-ish minute sections, the Melbournians kicked off where the album does. ‘Robot Stop’ triggered a mosh-ready crowd that were chomping at the bit to evoke mayhem, and that they did.


With four guitarists, two drummers and a multi-instrumentalist all onstage it’d be fair to assume the chaos would be reciprocated, but with that many layers involved in the sound, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard need to be on-point, and that they were.

At a glance, you’d think the drummer-duo were being controlled by a puppeteer – attached to the same set of strings making it impossible for them to fall out of sync. Side by side at the back of the stage, every quick-as-lightning fill or cymbal crash was timed to perfection, all while looking as effortless as possible.


Mirroring the album, ‘Robot Stop’ transitioned into ‘Big Fig Wasp’, ‘Gamma Knife’, ‘People Vultures’ and ‘Mr Beat’. Once the grooviest track off the album finished up, the band were given a chance to breath. At this point the mosh population started to shuffle, as the infinite onslaught of bangers made it impossible for punters to stay in the thick of it throughout the set. Much like shift-work, as sweaty drained bodies made their way out, fresh and perhaps naïve faces made their way in.

Breaking the track-listing off the record, King Gizz then introduced new song ‘Lord of Lightning’, that despite being unheard, was treated like a best friend that hadn’t been seen in years. The opening four tracks off 2014 record I’m In Your Mind Fuzz followed with popular single ‘Trapdoor’ rounding up the second instalment. Frontman Stu Mackenzie was at his bendy best during this third, with his frantic flute skills being on show for the latter track.

King Gizzard

Jazzy number ‘The River’ headed the final chapter of the night, before we got back into the Nonagon Infinity loop that was stepped up a notch. ‘Road Train’ turned the mayhem dial up, as the Motorhead-esque riff prompted even the tamest fans to lose it, as they knew the end was near. Just like the album, and just like clockwork, we were kicked back into the opener as the memorable riff to ‘Robot Stop’ started up again.

If this write-up has you itching to see King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, we don’t blame you. Luckily for you we were there with cameras galore and captured the entire set in HD glory. Stay tuned for the whole energy driven, non-stop blockbuster of a show in the coming weeks!

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