Trent Reznor calls terminally ill fan on stage


This is pretty amazing, heart-wrenching stuff. At a show in Las Vegas last weekend, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor Face-timed a terminally ill fan who was too sick to come to the concert.

The video below shows Trent calling avid NIN fan and photographer Andrew Youssef, who suffers from colon cancer and has been given only weeks to live by his doctors. In a rousing moment, you can hear the crowd shouting ‘Andrew! Andrew! Andrew!’ as Trent holds the phone out to them. After telling him later ‘Listen I’ll call you after the show’, he then dedicates the next song ‘In This Twilight’ – one of Youssef's favorites – to him.

According to Consequence Of Sound, after learning of Youssef’s devotion to the band and his plight via Twitter, Reznor invited him to several NIN shows this year, becoming good friends and regularly having lunch. Youssef writes about his battle with cancer in his regular OC Weekly column – it’s a pretty brutal read. We wish you strength, Andrew. 

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