Which artist would you shoot into space?


Lady Gaga is going where no artist has boldly gone before – outer space! (And no, not to Uranus, you jokers).

According to US Weekly, the 27-year-old space cadet will blast off in 2015 aboard a Virgin Galactic shuttle to perform one song in the outer atmosphere. No word on which song, but hopefully it's the 'Imperial March' from Star Wars because it's awesome.

Of course, no one can hear you scream in space, but the out-of-this-world show will be beamed back to the Zero G Colony festival, a three-day tech event held at New Mexico’s Spaceport America.

Sure Gaga's well-suited to space travel given she dresses like an alien most of the time, but we did think Team Earth could pick a better extraterrestrial ambassador surely. David Bowie’s the obvious choice as the original Starman, although Muse have been dreaming/singing about space forever and pack a lot of lasers. Bjork’s a true cosmic girl and Soundgarden singing ‘Black Hole Sun’ would be pretty sweet.

Still, all this talk of space odysseys does make you wonder what the future holds. Metallica rocking a moonbase? Enter Spaceman! Ozzy playing on an asteroid chewing heads off space bats? Least that’d scare off alien invaders. Love to hear your ideas on our Facebook page… 

Anyways, here's Commander Chris Hadfield busting out 'Space Oddity' aboard the International Space Station like a boss. 

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