Danzig urges crowd to punch phone photographer


Some people really hate fans taking phone pics or video at gigs. Like, really really hate them. Leading the charge is Glenn Danzig of American metal band Danzig who last week told a crowd in Florida to punch a “fuckin’ asshole’ who was filming them perform ‘Blood And Tears’.

Thankfully, for the sake of the fan’s well-being (and common decency), the crowd at The Cuban Club in Tampa didn’t and no blood or tears were spilt. The fan later uploaded the confrontation to YouTube with the title ‘Glenn Danzig is an Asshole’, writing “this was my first time seeing Danzig. Also my last.” No doubt he’ll never forget it.

The incident has ignited heated, profanity-fuelled debate in the comments section about who was in the right and who was in the wrong. Danzig’s hardly known for being photogenic – his ‘no photos, no filming’ policy around performing is renowned. Here he is at the Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennessee last year chasing after a professional photographer who broke his rules (the snapper argued he was only shooting crowd shots, Danzig didn’t believe him).

According to eyewitnesses at the show (who also posted comments on YouTube), there were warnings posted around the venue and issued during the show, but the video-poster has responded on YouTube: “I didn’t see those signs. There was no mention on the Groupon ticket about such a policy. Thank God I didn’t pay full price and even got a free drink out of it. I’m not sending another dime this asshole’s way.”

His statement raises many questions. You can buy Danzig tickets on Groupon? If you bought your ticket on Groupon, would you really care that much to risk taking photos? And perhaps most discussion-worthy: given Danzig’s volatility around the issue and the warnings given, who was most out of line in this situation – Danzig or the photographer? Noting of course, we don't endorse violence of any kind (except toward professional scalpers).

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